About Global Scene Productions

Chicago Scene is Chicago’s most well known and respected producer and promoter of events. Since it’s inception in 1998 Founder Ted Widen has been a leader in creating and promoting entertaining events including the “New Year’s Eve at the Drake”, the “Chicago Scene Boat Party” and many other events.

We develop and produce events as a stand-alone organization outside of the city of Chicago, or through “Chicago Scene”, the Chicago based advertising online publication dealing directly with the local entertainment and nightlife industry.

In addition Chicago Scene, Global Scene Productions expanded into a series of Craft Beer events including the “Highwood Craft Beer Festival”, “River North Craft Crawl”.

About Chicago Scene

Chicago Scene is the premier nightlife industry online publication focused on the happenings and events, nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment in the City of Chicago, IL. Chicago Scene was founded in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Scene Productions by Ted Widen who innovated the online social industry well before the term “social media” existed. With more than 40,000 Email subscribers and over 20,000 Facebook followers, Chicago Scene remains a primary source of information and entertainment for those wanting to be in the know of the Chicago scene as it relates to nightlife and entertainment.